XYZ Explained

If there’s one thing I am somewhat good at, it’s explaining things. So far I haven’t written any of my explanations down. It’s time to change that.

Let us begin.


Punjabi songs explained –

  1. Insane by AP Dhillon Explained
  2. Toxic by AP Dhillon Explained
  3. Excuses by AP Dhillon Explained
  4. Droptop by AP Dhillon Explained
  5. Notorious by Wazir Patar Explained
  6. Champagne by Diljit Dosanjh Explained
  7. Ishtihaar by Shiv Kumar Batalvi
  8. Suneya Main by Wazir Patar
  9. Softly by Karan Aujla

Okay, it seems that all I like to explain is Punjabi song lyrics. But trust me there will be more than just that! Eventually.

Last modified: Feb 13, 2022