Notorious by Wazir Patar Explained

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Note: Don’t take the lyrics on face value. They don’t make much sense when seen as a whole. I am pretty sure the song was put together in parts and no one paid attention to the joints. This is a song for the vibes. Honestly, I thought this song was pretty cool and I enjoyed listening to it. But now that I have paid attention to the lyrics, I can’t help but laugh at how silly it all sounds.

Song bio: Notorious is an ode to the carefree lifestyle of a group of young friends, who are confident of their place and their ways in the world. Or it’s a song meant to scare away a girl trying to marry him. Probably both.


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Yo! Wazir!
Tell em where ya from man!
Uh! Majha side

Oh Kithe Rakha Maal Ehe Agency Labhdi
Gabru Di Gaddi Cho Currency Labhdi
Chober Di Age Aa Sawad Laindi
Aadat Aa Maadi Gall Muh Te Kehndi

Ik Lakh Dollar Di Ride Rakhi Aa
Shocker-an Naal Karke Lift Chakki Aa
Ainni neat Gaddi Jivein Dhupp Lishke
Gabru Toh Alhdan Di Akkh Tilke

Oh Aaj Kal Duniya Vi Hadd Kardi
Rumour-an Nu Dekh Saanu Judge Kardi
Kamm Naal Create Kiti Hype Sohniye
Pairan Vich Cortez Ne White Sohniye

Gang Sign Kalle Kol Na Mobile Ni
Halki Ji Rakha Chehre Te Smile Ni
Bahuta Munda Ghummda Na Car-an Vich Ni
Miluga Studio Ya Yaaran Vich Ni

Kalla Khada Gabru Front Saambhda
Baaki Mera Bhai Gurjant Saambhda
Wazir Da Maan Guri Gill Rakhda
Ganeya Ch Chober Na Dhil Rakhda

Chadhde Te Lehndе Munda Kare Jaap Ni
Kise Kise Naal Mel Tе Milap Ni
Kehnda Na Kahaunda Kade Vadh Ghat Ni
Rab Di Raza Ch Rehnda Maula Jatt Ni

Haaye Eh Taan Dekh Da Vi Ni Haiga8

Bhaalein Gabru Da Saak Tu Kanede Di Kude
Ni Ehe Jimewari Meri Bebe Di Kude
Vaddeya De Kehne Cho Na Bahar Chaleya
(Sahi Gall Aye)
Tahi Ajj Dekh Poori Balle Balle Aa

Akhan Kadde Anti Nu Te Honi Toh Darre
Phone Utte Bahuti Munda Gall Na Kare
Theth Boli Bolda Nawabi Tor Ni
Ik Luger Di Cat Dooji 12 Bor Ni

Mera Mere Naal Link Koi Group Naal Ni
Main vadde vadde Roley Aithe Chup Naal Ni
Kivey Rehni Behni Kivey Vivhaar Puchdi
Mere Yaaran Kolon Mere Kamm Kaar Puchdi

Notorious Life Rehndi Bani Jaan Te
Ik Na Lakeer Aaun Ditti Shaan Te
Jadon Milni Na Call, Gall Jee Te Lajengi
Mere Nede Na Tu Aayi Nazran Ch Aa Jengi
Mere Nede Na Tu Aayi Nazran Ch Aa Jengi j Nede Na Tu Aayi Nazran Ch Aa Jengi


Singer - Wazir Patar
Music and Mix - Wazir Patar
Lyrics - Guri Gill
Video - Gurjant Panesar
Dop - Gursimran Panesar
Master - Dense
(Source: YouTube)

Do you want me to explain a Punjabi song? Send me a link in this Google Form!

  1. Majha is one of the three large regions of the Indian state of Punjab, known famously for the cities of Amritsar and Gurdaspur. A number of famous Punjabi artistes have come from this region including the legend Gurdas Maan. More recently, AP Dhillon too alludes to his home region with most of his songs featuring the “Majhe aale” shoutout in the background. ↩︎

  2. Oh where do I keep this stock
    The agencies are looking for cash in my car
    I am at the age where I just want to have fun
    I have the bad habit of calling a spade

    Wazir sets the ground by mentioning that (intelligence) agencies are looking for him. He’s probably got some illegal weapons and cash that he doesn’t know where to store. He says he’s doing it just for fun. He doesn’t care for consequences and calls a spade a spade.

    • Chober (चोबर), Gabru (गबरू): a young man ↩︎

  3. I have a hundred thousand dollar car
    Raised its shockers, it bounces on the streets
    So slick and clean, it’s blinding in the sunlight
    Women check me out as I ride in the streets

    Wazir’s got an interesting style of rap - he doesn’t care for parts of speech, but the meaning is ample clear nonetheless. Here he talks about his expensive car, bouncing on its hydraulic shockers, so clean that it attracts attention. Girls can’t keep their eyes off him. ↩︎

  4. The world is unreal these days
    They believe rumours and judge me
    My hype comes from my blood, sweat and tears
    That’s how I got these white Cortez
    Continuing the same boastful soliloquy, Wazir takes a dig at the world for judging him on baseless rumours. He says his fame and riches come from his hard work. And then he shows off $85 Nike Cortez sneakers - which is a weird flex tbh. ↩︎

  5. I don’t have a phone, I only have gang signs
    Always on my face, you’ll find a wry smile
    I don’t go around town showing off in my car
    I am either in the studio or with my friends

    Another weird flex - Wazir says he doesn’t keep a phone, he’s only got gang signs. He’s so confident, nothing can bother him, so he’s always got a little smile on his face. He doesn’t spend much time roaming in his car. He’s busy working in the studio or hanging out with his friends. ↩︎

  6. I take care of the front by myself
    And my brother Gurjant handles the rest
    Guri Gill is my guy, my ally
    My music is tight, there’s no scope for slack

    Continuing to show off his confidence, Wazir says he takes care of the ‘front’ by himself. Front here could mean a bunch of things, like a battlefront or a shop front, or just operations in general. He props up his mates, Gurjant (the video director) and Guri (the lyricist), when he says that their collective efforts ensure that the music he puts out is absolute top quality. Note, this Guri Gill is not the AP Dhillon collaborator Gurinder Gill. ↩︎

  7. Through ups and downs I keep my faith
    I don’t hang out with everyone (or women specifically)
    I don’t insult or get insulted
    I bow down to the will of God

    Conflict: Wazir literally started the rap by saying that he is prone to calling people out to their face. And now he says taht he doesn’t talk shit to people and doesn’t let anyone talk shit to him. Anyway, he says he abides by the laws of fate and keeps God in his heart. Not sure which God makes him want to smuggle ammunition and hide from intelligence agencies but well, I don’t judge. ↩︎

  8. This is my favourite part of the song. Soon as Wazir says he doesn’t hang out just about anyone, a women in the background says - “Hey, he doesn’t even look back at us.” It’s hilarious. ↩︎

  9. You’re looking to marry me, you Canadian lass
    Well, that’s a responsibility of my mom
    I do as my elders tell me to
    (That’s true!)
    And you see, that’s my secret to success
    Again, I don’t know who the elders are who are asking him to throw gang signs instead of keeping a mobile phone. Anyway, Wazir shows off that though he lives in Punjab, women from Canada want to marry him. Which is a complete twist on the conventional trend of men in Punjab marrying women from Canada to immigrate. Good one. ↩︎

  10. I scare the Anti with my eyes, I am afraid of destiny
    I don’t talk too much on the phone
    I speak colloquial lingo, I walk like royalty
    I’ve got a Luger pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun
    Wazir puts out the contrast here. He says he scares his enemies (anti) with just a look but he is afraid of destiny. And that though he speaks colloquial Punjabi which makes him a man from the streets, he’s got the swagger of royalty. Also strangely he doesn’t talk too much on the phone and has a 100-year old pistol and a shotgun. ↩︎

  11. I have no links with gangs, I am my own link
    I have slain giants with just my silence
    You ask around about my attitude and who I hang out with
    You’re asking my friends about my work and activities
    Major show off here when Wazir says that he isn’t linked to any groups or gangs. He doesn’t need to. He’s his own link. Oof. And then weirdly he comes back to addressing the Canadian girl trying to marry him and tells her that he knows she’s been asking around about him. ↩︎ ↩︎