Onwards and forward?

I started this newsletter in March 2021. I wrote pretty regularly for a few weeks and as with dozens of other projects before, the motivation waned and the newsletter went dormant.

A lot happened in 2021. I switched jobs twice (or four times technically), tried to kickstart a startup (thrice), got a better understanding of myself and what I want from life, improved relationships with friends, family and colleagues, and so much more.

The year concluded with me being in arguably the best phase of my life so far. I feel secure in all senses of the word. And I am incredibly grateful to everyone who helped me along the way.

So much has been written about new years resolutions that I have little new to add to it. But I’d like to document my own relationship with them.

Since 2013 (or December 2012 rather) I have been writing a series of ‘objectives’ for myself in a little orange-paged notebook. These objectives are part-resolutions, part-desires. Over the years I have written things like -

  • Graduate in the calendar year
  • Run a sub-10-minute mile
  • Date (?)
  • Read 30 books
  • Go on a roadtrip with friends
  • Stay fit and get muscular

Do you get the idea? I’ll elaborate on the nature of these objectives at some other time.

I write these at the beginning of the year in the exact same way - I’ll write the year in numerics in a large size and then underneath it I’ll write a little ‘hashtag’ or a motto. And the objectives come on the next page.

What is the ‘hashtag’? It’s just a little phrase about whatever is on my mind at that time. In 2014 I wrote “#IAmSherlock”. In 2016, “Was Bringst Du?”. In 2018, “#Jalwa”.

Today, to begin 2022, I wrote - “Onwards and Forward”.

Like I said, I am in a good place these days. My focus for the coming year is to keep it going without turning stagnant.

How do I keep it from being stagnant? One of the ways I intend to do it this year is by writing more regularly. And that’s where this newsletter comes in.

I have had similar writing objectives in the past and have never been able to meet my target. But I hope this year is different.

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Last modified: Jan 01, 2022