Am I being too entitled?

Another ride around the sun and I am back with a question that’s been bothering me for a while. The universe cares for me after all. Or perhaps y’all wished too hard for the newsletter to return.

Some context first.


Amidst all this, we are all collecting our pay checks. Doing work for work’s sake.

That’s the context. Now let’s talk about my entitlement.


From what I know, working late hours and making sham PPTs is a part of nearly every job in the corporate world as well. Heck, even my mom as a school principal ends up working all the time, attending needless meetings and sending pointless data reports.

Looks like, all jobs suck.

Hence the question – am I being too entitled? Should I just shut up, take the kick to my gut and collect my pay check?

I can’t bring myself to do it. Not this way. Sometimes I wish I could find a middle ground between working full-time and working as a contractor. All I need from work is that –

  1. I get paid well. Nothing exorbitant. None of your tech-bro millions. Just your regular mid-level corporate salary.
  2. I get to work on interesting things. Please don’t make me create a Google Form or PPT every day of the week. Spice it up a little.
  3. I get time to work on my hobbies. Like writing this newsletter. Or building cool little side projects like Deadline.

Turns out most full-time jobs offer 1 but not 2 and 3. And working as a contractor allows for 2 and 3 but often struggles with 1.

Am I asking for too much? Again, am I being entitled? I hope 2023 finds me a better work situation than this one.

Thoughts? Email / text as always.

Post Script

  • I was hoping to write 52 pieces in 52 weeks in 2022. I wrote 24 till June. And then nothing. I did spend the second half of the year working on some cool little projects though. This year, my target is to do better than last. So that’s 1 down. At least 24 more to go.
  • Do you have any questions? You know, something like, “hey man, you wrote about being worried if you were becoming a gambler, how’s that going for you?”. Just reply to this email. Or text me. Make me feel like an influencer.
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Last modified: Jan 06, 2023