Who is Gurjot?

TL;DR - Full stack idiot.


I work on the intersection of human behaviour, systems dynamics and education.

As of August 2021, I divide my time across these activities -


  • I work as a consultant with an education consultancy group. I have worked across several states of India with numerous governmental and non-governmental agencies with a focus on socio-economically disadvantaged learning environments.
  • I work as a freelance consultant offering services in data analysis, workshop facilitation and Ed-Tech. At present, I am working with a UNICEF state office, providing assistance to the government in establishing data analysis and reporting platforms. Prior to this, I worked with a research team writing a report on perceptions of violence against women and girls by providing support in quantitative data analysis.


  • I hack together small projects like Table Image to Text, Chachi.app and Buzo.xyz to learn new technologies and create proof of concept experiments.
  • I do an above-average amount of reading and watching. This information gets turned into Book Notes, Distilled Knowledge, or a blog/newsletter post.
  • I have started a new project called XYZ Explained where I provide short explainers on topics picked from my bizarre interests. These will include song lyrics, technology architecture and internet sub-cultures among others.


  • I write rants on this blog. Mostly about education in India.
  • I write on my newsletter over at Hey World. Mostly about questions that I am presently struggling with.

In another life I briefly did computational science research, theatre and stand-up comedy. I also ran a podcast with a friend.

These days I am learning how to hula hoop. Earlier this summer I learned how to juggle and skateboard.

I think I am a generalist? (As defined in Range (my notes))

I exist on the internet as thatgurjot. Here’s my latest CV.

So it goes.


Last modified: Aug 04, 2021