How to set up FTP and SSH on a new machine

Why I make this?

These instructions are for my future self. I wrote them down when I upgraded my laptop and had to set up FTP and SSH again.

How to do this?

Assuming you have a remote server with the following details –

IP Address:
Username: rockstar
Password: ********

In case you don’t remember your remote server’s IP address, you can find that out from -

  1. the remote server provider
  2. the registrar of your domain(s)
  3. plugging in your domain on DNS Checker


Open your Terminal and enter –

ssh rockstar@

You’ll be asked if you want to save the fingerprint, enter yes. Then use your password to login.

Repeat the proces in future.

Caution: In case you have changed the ssh port number on your remote server, add the -p flag to manually define the port number in Terminal.

FTP (Filezilla)

Press Cmd + S to open the Site Manager. Add a new site and give it the name you want. Then –

  1. Select the SFTP protocol.
  2. Enter as Hostname and 22 as port number.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Click connect. Add fingerprint to local machine and save password.

In future just press Cmd + S and Enter to connect to your server.