Synthesising the Science of Learning into Practice (WIP)


I am seeking collaboration on this project. If you have thoughts on anything directly/tangentially related to this project, please send me an email!

This is my current project.

This is where I aim to combine knowledge from the learning sciences, human psychology, constructivist pedagogy and personal experience of learning and working in the Indian education system. The exact nature of output from this effort is yet unknown.

Problem statement

Is an optimal mix of learning techniques derived from heuristic and scientific understanding possible to make learning interesting, effective and memorable? If so, what are the contours of this pedagogy?


  1. What are the boundary conditions and pre-requisites of this pedagogy? What learning environments does it work in most optimally? What minimal experience is expected from learners and teachers in these environs?
  2. How is the role of the learner and the teacher divided?
  3. What are the most effective and efficient methods for implementing this pedagogy in diverse learning environments? Does it work in resource-limited settings as well as it does in privileged ones?

Allied problems

  1. What is the pedagogy of online content creators? How are their audiences and settings different from a traditional educational setup? What techniques do they employ to attract viewers? How do they tackle information density on their platforms?

Learning Techniques

  1. Deep analogical thinking
  2. Desirable Difficulties
  3. Forest before the Trees
  4. Interleaving
  5. Memory Palace
  6. Personal Purpose
  7. Productive Failure
  8. Spaced-repetition System
  9. Struggle to Recall
  10. Zone of Proximal Development

Last modified: May 19, 2021