Privacy Policy

I don’t collect any data about the people who visit my website. Except…

  1. I use Goat Counter to track page visits. This gives me anonymised statistics about how many people have visited which page, what device they were using, and where they came from. You can actually see the exact statistics for this site here – That Gurjot site stats. If you don’t want to be tracked like this, use a browser add-on like uBlock Origin or install Blokada on your Android device.

  2. If you sign up for my newsletter I get your email address. And that’s all I know about you. If you want to unsubscribe from my newsletter you just have to reply to my email and I’ll remove all records. It’ll be like we never knew each other. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

As far as possible I have tried to hard-code links in this website to prevent the big ad-tech companies from stalking you. But sometimes it is unavoidable like when I embed a YouTube video. There’s nothing I can do about that. That is between you and YouTube.

Last modified: Jan 27, 2022