For Hire: Research Support

Is your research project stuck on a technological hurdle? Do you need insights into the Indian social sector or school education? Are you trying to straighten up your data handling processes?

Let me offer you my research support. It’s like tech support but for research projects.

What can I help you with?

1. Scrape data from websites and documents Previous work:
  • Freeing NAS 2021 data from the clutches of the dashboard and releasing it as CSV files
  • Scraping air quality data from CPCB’s dashboard for a premier think tank’s project
  • Scraping death records from city municipality websites for a premier think tank’s project
  • Scraping district-wise data from the UDISE dashboard for a PhD student’s project
  • Scraping vehicle records from KSRTC’s website for a masters student’s project
  • Scraping article text from multiple online publications for a personal project
2. Analyse quantitative data Previous work:
  • Developed a holistic analysis framework, analysed quantitative data and co-authored the report for a study on gender-based violence
  • Prepared data-informed action plans for senior decision-makers in government
  • Designed and implemented over a dozen small and large scale field research studies and programme evaluation studies
3. Set up data collection processes Previous work:
  • Designed dozens of survey questionnaires implementing good data collection practices
  • Implemented two state-wide interactive tests in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan using KoboToolbox and Google Forms respectively
  • Wrote a detailed article on designing data collection systems for the Indian context
4. Create interactive reporting dashboards Previous work:
  • Developed a live updating dashboard using Google Sheets + Google Forms with tens of thousands of data rows
  • Developed a dashboard with interactive charts and maps for an ICDS programme
  • Developed a proof of concept dashboard for West Bengal’s education department
5. Conduct workshops on data management for NGOs / government departments Previous work:
  • Facilitated a residential training workshop on data visualisation and reporting for MIS coordinators
  • Conducted online training workshops on data management for MIS coordinators and NIC software developers
  • Supported large-scale NGOs with data collection and handling

MIS coordinators are the personnel who handle the education system’s data at state and district offices

6. Planning data management processes for social sector organisations Previous work:
  • Established best practices for data handling in multiple NGOs and state departments
  • Currently teaching a course on data management to MIS coordinators of a state education department
7. Help set up your EdTech strategy Previous work:
  • Worked with an established EdTech company in conceptualising their AI-powered learning platform
  • Spearheaded the content creation process for a flashcard-based learning app in an early-stage startup
  • Launched, pivoted and failed my own EdTech startup
8. Set up online courses Previous work:
  • Wrote, developed and admin-ed courses on education on a custom WordPress website powered by LearnDash
  • Developed a course on gender and sexuality using a creator platform (Podia)
9. Co-authoring research papers, reports, articles, tool kits etc. Previous work:

On education –

  • Book chapter in Learning, Education, & Games Volume 4: 50 Games to Use for Inclusion, Equity, and Justice (Submitted), 2022 (link)
  • Pedagogy-based Technology A Framework for Designing Online Professional Development (Pre-print), 2021 (link)
  • Adapting Technology to Support Teacher Training Processes, International Conference on Changing Landscape of Teacher Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, 2020 (link)
  • Status of Foundational Learning in India, 2019 (link)

On gender and sexuality –

  • Private No More: Examining Social Norms and Youth Perceptions underpinning Support Systems for Violence against Women and Girls – A Study Across 5 states in India, Breakthrough Trust (2021)
  • Toolkit on Gender and Sexuality Inclusion, Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality, Ashoka University (2020)
10. Recording voiceovers in English, Hindi or Punjabi Previous work:
  • Recorded Hindi voiceovers for FAQ and How To videos
  • Recorded English voiceovers for a course on gender and sexuality
11. Navigating a career in the social sector

I have been in the sector for a while. I know lots of people across organisations and domains. I have worked in quite a few parts of the country with dozens of organisations.

I am quite confident that I can steer you in the right direction.

12. Applying to grad school abroad

I studied at ETH Zurich and interned at OIST Japan. People whose CVs / SOPs I edited got into grad schools at Stanford, Columbia SIPA, Carnegie Mellon, and UChicago.

More than just editing, I will probably burst some bubbles about grad school for you.

How can I work with you?

Two options –

  1. One-off video call: We chat about a problem you’re trying to solve. I give you some new ideas or offer to help. You make progress with your work, we become best friends.
  2. Hire me as a consultant: As of June 2022, I can only commit to short-term projects. Send me an email and let’s figure it out.

Am I offering my help for free?

Yes and no.

If you want to make a short video call or if you’re a student, I’ll do it for free.

For the rest, send me an email and let’s figure it out.

Which organisations have I worked with?

As an individual consultant, I have worked with people affiliated with these organisations –

At my previous organisation, I worked on projects with NITI Aayog, NCERT, UNICEF, EDUCO, Central Tibetan Administration, Pratham Education, Save the Children India, Central Square Foundation, Sterlite EdIndia, Schoolnet, Gramin Shiksha Kendra and EY.

What do people think of my work?

Veenu Kakkar, Gender Expert and Trainer

I have had the opportunity to work with Gurjot twice. He is brilliant with his work, both with quality and timelines - a rare combination! Apart from the research analysis, writing and editing, video editing and voice overs, his sense of humor and grounded-ness add value to the team!

Bhargav Krishna, Fellow, Centre for Policy Research
Tanushree Sarkar, PhD candidate at Vanderbilt Univeristy

Gurjot was a lifesaver! I tweeted about accessing district-level data from the UDISE dashboard. Gurjot stepped forward to help, wrote some code and within two days I had what I needed. Go to him with your research support needs, I’m sure he’ll be of help!

Ramsha Alam, Senior Associate Video Producer, J-PAL South Asia at IFMR

Gurjot is a thorough professional when it comes to his work. He strives for excellence and is very open to feedback and revisions. It was such a breeze to work with him. If you’re looking for a talented and nuanced voice-over artist, he’s your guy!

Malavika Goyal, Gender and Movement Therapy Consultant

Gurjot is a meticulous, innovative and an extremely bright person to work with. I have had the pleasure and privilege to have worked with him across 3 different projects pertaining to toolkit creation, e-course creation and quantitative research. He brings in cutting edge and simple technological solutions to complex issues. However, the best part about working with Gurjot is the personal touch and empathy he brings into any piece of work. He creates a space to not just brainstorm around work but to also vent. Gurjot has supported me immensely in conceptualising workshops and teaching methodologies and also often in organising my very chaotic life. Gurjot is an incredible person to have on any project, his versatility and tendency for no-nonsense makes him a huge value addition. Pick his brains, even if you don’t find what you were looking for, I can guarantee that you will walk away with more ideas.

Tushar Tamhane, Senior Educationist and Trainer

Gurjot has shown remarkable growth in a short period in his understanding of the macro & micro level of the education sector in India. He has worked with NGOs in visioning and training situations and assisted in-person and online training programmes for both school teachers and state government officials. He puts his whole hearted efforts in all the tasks, always ready to explore new contextual things & issues, while learning and capturing nuances.

Apart from managing the technical backend work for online surveys, gamified tests, he has learnt principles and practice of effective pedagogy in the Indian context. He has found creative ways of data capture from both the end user and policy makers’ perspective. During the pandemic, his capabilities have proven very useful as they have made online work relevant and useful.

As a curious and thinking person, he does not shy away in asking questions to clarify doubts and adds his own perspective to the conversation and discussion. He is sensitive, considerate, meticulous, open to ideas and hard working. He is socially very well adjusted, interacts well with everyone and has the ability to fit well into any team that appreciates his abilities and sense of humour.

^ This is arguably the nicest thing anyone has ever written about me.

How can you help me?

You could give me a tip! This could be money, life advice or a state secret. You choose.

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Last modified: Jun 03, 2024